Issue Date: Jun 2011

Cover Story

Liquidity Crunch, Uncertainty Stalks Microfinance Sector

Gurdeep Singh

Development practitioners still maintain that the extension of financial services to the poor in an efficient manner...
  • Working Women's Forum : Power to the Poor
  • Critical Issues For Policy Makers and Other Stakeholders
  • Re-Engineering the Inclusive Finance Paradigm
  • Microfinance - Important Role in Economic Growth

Whither Procurement Policy

Dilip Salvekar, Secre. Gen., Chamber of Small Industry Associations, Thane

The annual Govt. Procurement, including Public Sector Units, in India as over Rs. 1,70,000 crore of which the share...


Exit Strategies for SMEs

Pooja Kumar

It has been seen that small and medium enterprises which have a clear exit strategy to start with have a better...


Crutches for Subsidies: But How will They Learn to Race?

Rajen Kumar

The majority called the small and struggling entrepreneurs in the rural and remote areas are offered a set of crutches,...

Cover Stories

Liquidity Crunch, Uncertainty Stalks Microfinance Sector

Gurdeep Singh

Development practitioners still maintain that the extension of financial services to the poor in an efficient manner...

Working Women's Forum : Power to the Poor

Gurdeep Singh

The current liberalization and economic restructuring does not benefit the poor in India as elsewhere, with 41%...

Critical Issues For Policy Makers and Other Stakeholders

Ramesh S Arunachalam

Indeed, what has become more apparent with this kind of skewed growth is the dualistic nature of the Indian economy...

Re-Engineering the Inclusive Finance Paradigm

Ramesh S Arunachalam

Second, the focus of financial inclusion must be re-engineered such that the delivery of financial services are...

Microfinance - Important Role in Economic Growth

Chaitanya Shah

There is a lot of hype surrounding microfinance. For some, microfinance is an effective tool used to promote large-scale...


Hamariyah Free Zone Rolls out Red Carpet for SMEs

Rajen Kumar

In a span of 15 years, the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority has already attracted over 4,000 investors who have set...

Proline Efforts In : Keeping You Fit Through Revolutionary Work-outs


Proline Fitness brings to you an experience of a lifetime by assisting you to train in the serenity of nature,...


Satellite Makes You Stay Connected Now Have Zero-failure Internet

Rishi Sonwal

To focus on the small and medium business segment in India, especially in the terrestrially under-served and un-served...

SonicWALL Launches SuperMassive E10000 Series: The Next Gen Firewall for Medium Enterprises

Rishi Sonwal

SuperMassive E10000 series delivers industry-leading application control, intrusion prevention, malware protection...

ERP Products for SMEs

Pooja Kumar

ERP provides an integrated solution, to enhance operational efficiency and transparency. It allows departments,...

Risks and rewards of abandoning wired access for Wi-Fi in the enterprise

Shalendra Singh – India Country Manager, Aruba Networks

The installation of a wireless solution has shown to provide up to 88% cost savings on capital and support costs,...


New Age Challenges, A Test for SMEs: Pharma Sector Poised to Grow

Dr. Ipshita Basu Guha

Indian pharma sector is growing at the rate of approximately 8-9% and is presently considered to be ranked 14th...

Opportunities & SMEs: “India Can Become Global Pharma Hub”

Dr. Ipshita Basu Guha

SME companies will have to find out niche segments for manufacturing and marketing. Global market compulsion will...

Intellectual Property Rights and Bio-piracy

Shaili Vadera & Dr. Vinod Singh

There is a wide gap between developed and developing nations such as India on patenting the products. For example,...

Special Reports

The BBB Model of Entrepreneurship - II

Manisha Gupta

The lead characters in the movie “Band Baaja Baaraat” exemplify this very clearly. They always made efforts to...

The Missing Pieces: How Good are Indian Firms?

Jagat Shah

Ironically, few firms begin by asking for help in understanding their customers or their competitors. Instead,...

Need for Rapid Incubation NSIC's Innovative Model

Dr. H. P. Kumar, CMD, NSIC

Keeping in view the need for creating more and more self employment opportunities and for capacity building of...

Economic Resurgence of West Bengal

Indranil Deb

West Bengal has significant reserves of natural resources. The state produces around 20 million MT of coal annually....

SME Worldwide

India—Africa Summit and Manmohan's Visit Is Historic Glorious Wonder to Build a New Third World

Ameera Shah

We, the People of India and the disciples of Mahatma Gandhi send you as a grand, majestic messenger with a V sign...

Featured Entrepreneur

Waves Hair : Hair She Comes


Virtually, with no experience of managing a manufacturing unit for an international product, she decided to have...

The Last Word

Vendors Face Police Ire! But Why?

Rajen Kumar

Rajendra Place complex was built some three decades ago by the DDA to offset the Capital's landmark Connaught Place....

What is World Class Anyway

Rajen Kumar

The fact is that every IIT and IIMs in India has a learned faculty who are themselves IIT and IIM alumni. In IIT...


Rail Mantri Se Mukhya Mantri Tak !

Aroon Sharma

Lalu: tum toh jaanti ho humne rajniti mein kai utaar-charraav dekhein hain ! Rabri: aap bhool gaye kya, aap hume...


Product Pricing and Finance for Marketing

Ashawin Marchant

The SME promoter launched the product with practically no visibility in market and picking up a distributor in...

Marketing and Brand Building for SMEs

Lotika Goswami

The most significant aspect of Marketing is Brand building and Communication. The significance and magnitude of...

'Call Getit': Single Window for Print, Voice & Online Presence of SMEs

Rishi Sonwal

Through our new age services, we promote SMEs every where from print (directory, yellow pages, etc.), voice services...

First Person Singluar

Mahatma Gandhi's 10 Commandments on Fasting

Aroon Sharma

And thus began my hunt – who inspired the Mahatma, halfway past his age at 45, to unleash his lone 'fast unto death'...