Issue Date: May 2012

Cover Story

A Shared Prosperity for Indo-ASEAN SMEs

Prof. R. R. Azad

India and ASEAN committed themselves to jointly contribute to the promotion of peace, stability and development...

Business Success through Sustainable Development – Timbor Home Ltd.


Timbor became public with its IPO in May 2011. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Anant Maloo, CMD of Timbor Home Ltd. the...


Rating Methodology; The General Principles

Rajiv Soni

The process to obtain a credit rating on a particular issue usually starts with a request from the unit who has...


No Escaping Social Media

Rajen Kumar

Running a magazine concentrating on issues of small and medium enterprises and managing with limited resources...

Top Stories

Boosting Regional Economic Clusters

Dr. Ipshita Basu Guha

We have been brought up with many fables with moral. The most relevant one today is the moral – “Union gives Strength”...

Dr. Rashid Urges Entrepreneurs to Work Towards Inclusive Growth


The Congress sent out a strong message across to the thought leaders and entrepreneurs that the ultimate aim of...

Cover Stories

A Shared Prosperity for Indo-ASEAN SMEs

Prof. R. R. Azad

India and ASEAN committed themselves to jointly contribute to the promotion of peace, stability and development...


Entrepreneurial Tenacity and Achievement – Anuja Lath


Anuja Lath is one such remarkable personality who is the Co-founder and CEO of two mutually diverse successful...

Now A Herbal Wine to Whine Away Your Health Blues


A traditional bastion of the Western India, Wine production has now come to North India. If you think that Wine...


Consult Mentoring Sites for Queries

Jagat Shah

Most starts ups or SME manufacturers want to export their goods and services. However, they find many challenges...

Business Wagon for Success…Branding-Part -II

Saurabh Bhade

Value has different meanings to different people. The objective of the valuation is determined by its use. Some...

Productivity Tools for Small Business Enterprises

This is where web-based open source Productivity Tools can be of help. Thanks to new developments such as cloud...

Smaller Cities: Setting the Pace for the Next Wave of Innovation and Growth

Sriram Rajan

Hyper-Growth Economies Embracing Innovative Thinking for Growth To address this rapid population growth, and...

MSMEs in India: An Overview

Susanta Kanrar

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) continues to be a vibrant sector of the Indian economy. As per...

SME Worldwide

Dubai SME- Spearheading SME Initiative


Dubai has always been a major hub of economic activity in the Persian Gulf. Its potential for trade and commerce...

Featured Entrepreneur

Managing Your Core Resource – Human Capital – Solutions from TenXLabs


TenXLabs is an upcoming IT company whose primary solutions focus on fundamental aspects of human resource – Payroll,...

The Last Word

More Learned than Educated, You were!

Rajen Kumar

I was speechless. Rather hesitatingly I asked him, “So, what have you decided, Sominder ?” His reply was curt and...

Health & Wellness

Govt.'s Lackluster Attitude Towards Ayurveda Bad for Health: Dr. Deepak Tiwari

S Kataria

The hectic work conditions keeping you mentally attentive and alert have taken a toll on your health. Gone are...


Internet Marketing can Boost your Sales

Bhavesh Kothari

Internet marketing or web marketing also known as, online marketing or e-marketing or web advertising, has become...

First Person Singluar

Lion-heart Went Wrong After The British Left?

Aroon Sharma

Sir Leslie Stephen, the Governor of ( British ) Bombay, in 1930s, recounts in his personal diary the swimming prowess...

Government Procurement

Management with Conscience


NSIC was setup on the philosophy of Promotion and Development of MSMEs by delivering demand driven services while...

Book Review

Deviant Lines

Atul Kumar Thakur

I have read many books on the financial crisis including of Andrew Ross Sorkin's Too Big to Fail, Michael Lewis's...

case study

Efficiency Improvement Using Oracle- E-Business Suite: Case of TTK Healthcare Limited


Oracle E-Business Suite has delivered a raft of benefits that have changed the way we manage our business. We have...