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Shiva Narayan Lal
25 Oct 2011 (03:14:41)
My dear Rajan Kumar, I equally share your agony of poor state of education system of India. I started studying from 1940 to 1958. In studied in a remote undeveloped part of Bihar which remained flooded for at least four months in a year. The school was a dilapidated naria tiled building but with dedicated rural teachers who imparted education from their core of hearts. Now there is a pagoda type building and a band of teachers, I should not say thieves, but with no education. Every thing is just fill up the gap with main emphasis of earning.Whom to blame the P.M the D.M or the H.M? The least is said the better." Papini kah jeebh kati jaygi ankh dekhi bat jo munh se kahun." God will save the country! Amin.